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Executive MS Industrial and Organizational Psychology

An effective leader knows that when an organization’s design, culture, and people are aligned with its strategic vision, the dynamics for success are set in motion. Baruch’s one-year Executive Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (EMSIOP) is designed to provide talented leaders with the tools they need to develop effective systems for the management of human capital and understand the underlying psychological aspects of these systems. This program is designed for individuals who are interested in:

  • Identifying, developing, and retaining talent

  • Maximizing the performance of your human capital

  • Diagnosing, managing, or changing organizations and their cultures

  • Understanding and improving the employee experience

  • Developing data driven systems to make decisions about your talent

  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion though organizational systems and practices

Graduates will be prepared to assume vital roles in business, consulting, nonprofit, and government organizations. The program is well suited for those looking to further their skills and career in human capital focused roles and to those looking to transition into these types of roles. The curriculum is composed of 12 courses covering such diverse areas as talent management, employee motivation, management of work teams, employee research, performance management, learning and development, leadership, people analytics, and organizational change and development. Courses focus on a mix of operational, developmental, and strategic aspects of the management of human capital. Analytics and diversity, equity, and inclusions are themes running through all of the courses. Courses are taught by faculty who are leading experts in industrial and organizational psychology. In addition to the coursework, students will participate in an executive assessment experience that is designed to provide insight into current capabilities and developmental needs. The assessment experience will consist of an assessment center, standardized leadership assessments, individualized feedback and coaching, and individualized development plans


  • The EMSIOP program consists of 36 credits

  • Program operates as a cohort model

  • Students complete the program in 3 semesters (1 year)

  • Courses will be conducted as a low-residency weekend program

  • Classes will meet synchronously online twice a month on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays


Below is a sample curriculum of the EMSIOP program

Course Catalog Number

Course Name

Course Subtitle


Problems in Industrial Psychology I: Personnel Psychology

Talent Management


Applied Statistical Analysis

People Analytics


Problems in Industrial Psychology II: Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology


Leadership and Group Processes

Leadership in Organizations


Executive Capstone Seminar I

Executive Capstone Seminar I


Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics: Performance Management

Performance Management


Design of Psychological Research

Organizational Research Methods


Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics: Learning & Development

Learning & Development


Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics: Organizational Teams

Organizational Teams


Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics: Diversity in Organizations

Diversity in Organizations


Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics: Organizational Development

Organizational Development


Executive Capstone Seminar II

Executive Capstone Seminar II