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A graduate student must file an Application for Graduation for their degree prior to their last semester in which all the requirements for the degree will be completed. This application can be filed at the Office of the Registrar or using the application within CUNYfirst (see Academic Calendar for deadlines). A student cannot be recommended for their degree at the end of the semester without having submitted an application by the posted deadline.

 An application for a degree will not be carried forward from one semester to the next. A new application must be filed for the term in which the degree will be awarded.

 Students who are found to be on track to earn their degree for the requested graduation date may not rescind their request in order to take additional classes past their degree requirements.

 A master’s degree shall normally require a minimum of one academic year of full-time graduate-level study, or its equivalent in part-time study, with an accumulation of not less than 30 semester hours.

Students must maintain matriculated status during the semester in which they obtain their degree if they are not registered for courses.

 An application for graduation must be filed for the term in which the student plans to earn their degree. After a review of the student’s record confirming all degree requirements have been met is completed, the student will be charged the maintenance of matriculation fee.