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Re-Entry to The College

Students who interrupt their graduate studies for one or more semesters must file for re-entry. with the Office of the Registrar prior to the term in which they plan to return. Students who were out of school for one or more terms are required to follow the curriculum in place at the time of re-entry.  The six-year time period for completion of the requirements for the master’s degree will be extended no more than two semesters for such nonattendance.

 If the original six-year period and two additional semesters have expired, the student must apply to the appropriate graduate committee on academic standing for a time extension. In some instances, an extension of time may require a review of the student’s original program for currency of subject matter. Additional courses may be required to complete the degree.


Time Limit For Degree

Students have six years from the term of admission to complete their degree. Currently enrolled students who find that they will not be able to complete the degree requirements within the specified time must apply for an extension of the time limit with the appropriate graduate office. The request must be approved by the appropriate graduate committee on academic standing and include the reason for the extension and the length of time being requested.

Leave of Absence

When a student intends to interrupt studies at Baruch College and not do work at any other institution, they are on a leave of absence. During the period in which the leave of absence is in effect, the student may take no course work, may receive no credits for any course work, and may not graduate. However, work toward the completion of an incomplete grade (INC) may be done during a leave of absence.

Resignation or Withdrawal

Students who enroll for courses and find it impossible to continue with one or more of the courses must withdraw using CUNYfirst. Failure to properly withdraw from a course may result in an F grade.

 Students who drop all courses during the refund period must file a re-entry application. If this occurs during the student’s first semester, the student will need to file a new application with the appropriate office of graduate admissions.  International students need to obtain approval from the International Student Service Center prior to dropping any course.